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A Peek inside my A5 daily planner using the 2016 Day Designer inserts | from Kate Inspired
A Peek inside my A5 daily planner using the 2016 Day Designer inserts | from Kate Inspired

I’m always a little surprised when people are interested to see what’s in my planner because I feel like there are so many people out there who do the whole planner thing better than me. So this is not a tribute to the world’s most flawlessly decorated planner in existence. This is more of a review and (potential) reality check. Video first:

Here are the most current shots of my insides so you can see how they compare to what you see in the video. No blank page pics here, you can find those on the Day Designer website if you’re interested because that’s their job so their pictures are lovely and crisp.

The outside of my A5 by Kikki K:
Large Personal A5 Kikki K Planner in Mint |The Kate Inspired Blog

This is a large size in mint that I won in a giveaway last year. It’s great and seems to be holding up really well. Since I already had the binder, I decided not to buy a new one from Day Designer and went with the “Starter Pack” of inserts instead.

Almost all my dividers are from Day Designer, but the first section is a Kikki K divider sticker that says “Inspiration.” So what’s in that section? Mostly notes and things you might put on an inspiration or vision board that I wanted to keep with me wherever I go.

2016 Illustrated Faith Bible Journaling Streak Tracker | The Kate Inspired

Illustrated Faith bible journaling streak tracker so you can see how many days you spend working in your scriptures . This is a free download I got for joining their email list. I only mark days I’m doing art but I want to print a second copy for tracking my devotional reading (unless you know of a better one? Share the link below if you do!).

The Reset Girl 2016 Goal Getter's Club Insert | The Kate Inspired Blog

The Reset Girl is running an amazing group for everyone who’s chasing goals this year. This is a freebie she created for everyone in her Goal Getter’s Club, which I think you can still join if you’re interested. It’s a great community and they have a little bit of everything – finance, wellness, organization, education, career, etc.

A5 Day Designer Monthly Page Insert for 2016 | The Kate Inspired Blog

The monthly pages are really very small. I’m using them mostly as an overview and journal of what ended up being very important to me on a given day. For example, I like to print the sermon art for the week and stick that on Sunday so I’ll be able to look back and remember what we talked about and when. I am SO hoping the next insert release will offer a two page monthly spread so there’s more space to actually write on the days.

A5 Day Designer Daily Inserts - Decorated vs. Undecorated view | The Kate Inspired Blog

Above you’re able to see what a typical daily page looks like for me as compared to the undecorated page. It’s a work in progress as to how I use the space. Typically, and this was true last year as well, I don’t use the appointments side of my page. Nor do I record my water/food or any of the other things. But I’m stubborn and don’t like to write something in a section that wasn’t intended to go there, so a little washi helps me add some color and get over it.

A5 Day Designer Daily page insert with minimal decorating | The Kate Inspired Blog

But of course there are days I never get around to adding washi. And I know there are plenty of you who are not into decorating or don’t want to make time for it so, yes, you can fully use these inserts with no embellishments. Believe it or not, decorating your planner is a topic that gets people really heated. I just am not willing to invest that much energy in caring how someone else chooses to use their planner or not. I like decorating, it’s fun, but I don’t always make it happen.

This is what I meant by reality check – I always thought if I had more time I would have the most decorated and awesome planner. Nope. I still “don’t have time” which is nothing more than a lie I’ve told myself. The truth is that it’s just not that important to me and no one is losing sleep over it.

A5 Day Designer Daily page insert split up for the weekend | The Kate Inspired Blog

Finally, the weekend page. The current insert pack doesn’t offer a weekend view because you have to hand write in each date. Nice for those of us who don’t get around to planning daily. Not as nice when you like to see your weekend on one page. It’s fine. Here’s where the washi came in really handy. I am still trying to find a better way to do this but it works well enough.

A planner is a constant work in progress, so if I find that I make major changes or start doing something that’s the ultimate key to being the most happy and productive human ever I will definitely be back to share it.

If you’d like to get your own Day Designer, definitely check them out below using my affiliate link. If you have any inserts you think I should probably stop trying to live without, please let me know in the comments!

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