I actually can categorically say that my mirror selfies are improving.  Now if only that were a marketable skill.

July has been a very interesting month for me. Work reached (dare I say it?) a brief quiet period.  So that’s been really nice and meant I haven’t needed to save my Gwynnie Bee rentals for special events or anything. However, Gwynnie Bee moved their distribution center this month so the exchanges have been pretty slow. They gave me a credit off next month to compensate because their service is just that stellar. But enough chat, let’s just see the dresses!

The July “Mehs”
Up first? No shame here – please admire my bathrobe on the left and this dress’s awkward out of the box wrinkles.

Ew I know

I almost sent this Spruce and Sage dress right back. But I was determined to make it work so a brief dalliance with a straightening iron (my hair not the dress) plus a few accessories later…
That's better
Not bad. Not the most flattering thing I’ve ever worn but the belt helped get me away from looking like I was wearing a shapeless pink sack.

This blue pixel print Rachel Pally dress was super comfortable but also not the best dress I’ve ever put on my body. I felt like my hips were overly accentuated though this picture doesn’t show that as dramatically as I saw it in person.

Yeah, the black shrug is back again

The July “Winners”
This maxi dress was the most comfortable thing I’ve put on in ages. rethinking my "no pose" platform

For work I put a plain white tee under it but when I repeated the dress at home for running errands I wore it without anything under and didn’t feel like I was too exposed, despite how low cut it seems in these pictures. So gloriously comfortable
I got TONS of compliments on this dress and almost everyone encouraged me to buy it. Part of me really wanted to, but even on sale it was out of my budget and I wasn’t so passionately in love with it that I felt like I could splurge. Seeing these pictures now makes me feel better that I didn’t buy it because I’m not sure it looks as good as it felt.

Finally, this gorgeous Lucie Lu shift was such a big step for me.

yeah, really not sold on "no posing" anymore

First of all, it’s navy, which I just don’t wear. It’s also a really bright bold pattern, which before this year I also didn’t wear. Also before this year I would have guessed a shift dress would have looked like a horrid bag on me which this does not. Finally, it’s SHORT.
I realize for most of the world this doesn’t qualify as a “short” dress but it definitely felt that way way to me! It’s been ages since I felt comfortable in an above-the-knee length dress and this one I just fell in love with. I got compliments on this one too and felt amazing wearing it. Normally I would have snapped it up because this was a really high-quality dress and the sale price was under $40 but I made myself say no.

July was a slow month, and I definitely caught myself slacking on the return side a bit too so I may be re-evaluating my membership next month. It’s a great service if you’re willing to stay on top of it and keep an open mind but if I’m not putting in the work to get my money’s worth then the greatest service in the world doesn’t do me any good.

And with that life lesson, I’ll leave you with my referral link (click here) so you can get a free 30-day trial. Using my link means I get a free extra garment for a month.

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