I made my first Subway sign back in December and it was, decidedly, one of the most tedious projects I’ve ever taken on.  Cutting out all the letters? Ugh. That explains why it took me almost an entire year to finish my second one.


But my friend Jess saw my first sign and had a vision of her own. Since she’ll be moving to a new place she wanted to check this project off her to-do list so we got together and in less than 24 hours (start to finish!) she had her own take on subway art:

sorry, Jess

Jess wanted her sign to capture her love of musicals, so she chose to do hers with all the New York theaters that mean something to her. They’re arranged geographically.
we love a good theme

Seeing her sign inspired me to finish my own. And the biggest change we’ve had since December? It’s about 2000% humidity outside these days so the label paper does NOT stick worth a damn. Good thing my motivation was also dragging because I had no trouble letting my canvas sit overnight with the hope it would help my letters stick on.

never been so thankful Mom has so many cookbooks

It helped a little but I tried to move fast with my spray paint so I could get this done before the letters started peeling.

quick, before the humidity

Yes, once you’ve started painting they just roll up. It’s how this game works.


So it’s not perfect, but it comes out nicely. I like to tell myself those spots where the spray blew under the stencil makes it look aged/dirty like it really came out of the metro.



I still have this grand vision of going back in and touching up the spotty edges but for now I’m just going to leave them alone. Our walls are a little more covered up than before and my subway art projects are finally done! Now to find the perfect piece to go in between…

With the original

Here’s how you can make your own:
The tutorial I followed (I used spray paint instead) is here.
My New York City sign is here.
The (faster and possibly cheaper) technique I wish I’d used and would do next time instead of this is here.

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