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For my Family


Sometimes there are no words. There are countless times and situations where I choose not to say anything. Maybe I don’t know what to say. Maybe I have too many things to say. But then there are times I talk myself out of of saying anything when that’s not what is best.

What I’m struggling with today is the question of timing. When is the right time to speak? I’m really waiting for someone else to take the lead. And in terms of details that’s fine. I want to be sensitive. But I also want to reach out.

My family suffered a tremendous loss yesterday. We are all hurting, trying to process and waiting to hear more. And while it’s not my place to share everything I know, one thing that is and has been true for years is that my blog has been one place where my family connects.

That was never my intention. I share plenty of things here I don’t think they’re terribly interested in or invested in. But for some in particular, this is or was the closest thing to a chance to have “girl time” as we’ve ever had. This blog gave us a starting point on rare occasions when we did see each other.

Other times, this was the best way I knew to keep my extended family updated about what was happening here. This blog has been as much about keeping my own personal history as it has been about whatever else is on my mind at the time. It’s because of my family that I keep coming back. Good, bad or otherwise, I’ve shared it here – for my family, with my family. This is no different.

So I’d like to ask for your prayers. Please keep my extended family in your thoughts. We would all appreciate it.


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