Essential Oils


One Word: Breathe


Whew. Are we almost through January? I guess we are.

So you all know I love setting goals and filling in all kinds of printable worksheets. I’ve jumped into all kinds of challenges and some mastermind groups. They’re great things, but they’re also things we can do at any time of year.

I know there’s a sense of momentum that comes at the beginning of the year and I’m all for that. It’s going to be in short supply at some point (really) so capitalize while you can. That said, don’t feel like you missed the proverbial boat if you’re still trying to pull your plans together. Good plans take time. They’re also not limited to January 1st start dates.

Which is why I picked a word for this year. It might have actually picked me, truth be told. 2015 was a tough year right up until the miserable end. Between that and the fact that I just hit the “reset” button on my life, breathe is a perfect intention.

For example, there are certain areas of my life where I just need to take a deep breath and let go. I’m not going to get to report to my friends and family that I have a shiny brand new life up and running just 60 days after moving to a new state. Breathe. You’ll get there.

There are areas I need to breathe new life into. For example, I joined a new gym. I picked up my journaling bible and got a set of watercolors. These are parts of my life I haven’t devoted time to in a while. They make it easier to breathe (or…not, since I get a little out of breath at the gym but I’m told that’s the point).

As the year goes on, I know my short-term goals will shift depending on what I need most at the time.  For example, one thing I am going to do this year is buy a house. When I meet that goal, I’m going to set a new one. Having one word as my intention or theme for the year will help me stay focused by pulling all my goals for the year, no matter when I set them, in line with one another.

Do you have a word for 2016? 

Essential oils for goal setting: Grounding, Transformation, Celery Seed, Lime, Peace & Calming
Essential oils related to “breathe”: Peppermint, Peace & Calming, Envision, Valor


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