It’s strange how quickly our lives can be disrupted but how it takes such a long time for us to recover.

Mom is home! When I saw her on Saturday she seemed like she was completely back to normal. It was really amazing. She is really happy to be home where she can sleep in her own bed and have real shampoo and other such comforts. I know she’s really looking forward to Christmas, especially since she won’t have started the chemo yet so it will seem like a “normal” year.  She has two more weeks of radiation therapy (they don’t do treatments on the weekend) before she will start chemo.

It seems like Mom has bounced back faster than the rest of us – at least me, anyway. I am totally worn out. It will probably take me another week to recover. Of course, staying out until almost 4am doesn’t really help matters much- My friends and I had our annual Christmas Dinner party on Saturday night – but we’ll talk about that later.

Am I the only one who can’t believe Christmas is only 6 days away??

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One thought on “Countdown

  1. Jeff

    Don't want to freak you out…but it's only 5 days!


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