The Good News

Is that Mom will be home this weekend – either Friday or Saturday (barring of course anything we can’t predict). They have a whole battery of tests to do before she leaves the hospital, but as soon as those things are done she’ll be home free!

Overall I think we are all in pretty good spirits now. Obviously this just sucks – but it could be much worse, so we are all thankful for what we do have. Mom is not looking forward to losing her hair with the chemo, and she is really hoping to have time to work on her comps (for her PhD program) before she gets too far into the chemo.  I personally don’t know how realistic that is, but I know she is a fighter and will try her hardest and I’m not willing to try telling her otherwise.

Yesterday they took another liter of fluid out of Mom’s lungs – her breathing sounds much better and she’s sick and tired of wearing her oxygen tube. Fingers crossed she won’t need that soon. She had another round of radiation, and then I helped her wash her hair with some real shampoo – definitely a morale booster.

Dad and Papa Shutterbug came to visit, adding to the steady stream of visitors Mom has had all week. I know sometimes people are hesitant to visit because they never know if they’re going to be in the way but Mom LOVES having visitors (especially when they bring Starbucks, like Mama Shutterbug did – she talked about that all day yesterday). She’s bored out of her mind being stuck in that bed so getting to visit with people really helps her pass the time.

I haven’t heard much from Mom today except that she’s ready to go home. I know we’re all ready for that too!

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2 thoughts on “The Good News

  1. Aunt Mary

    Thanks for the updates, Kate. It really helps to know what is going on. How do you think she would feel about a surprise visit from relatives who live far, far away ?


    1. Kate

      I think she would love it. Let me know how I can help!


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