Apple-Picking and Pie

October 17, 2011

Saturday I peeled myself out of bed with every intention of lazing around for a few hours. I made myself some eggs and an “orange dreamsicle” green monster (orange juice, vanilla protein powder, spinach, banana, oats, and chia seeds). That’s when Erika called.

“Farmer’s Market?” was what she actually asked but I heard “zucchini” and was out the door before I could think twice. It was a gorgeous fall morning and there were all kinds of fun things at Lake Anne when we got there – including kettle corn (which we indulged in) and mini donuts (which we did not).

Zucchini (and spinach, and a gorgeous onion) in hand we got back in the car.

“You should come pick apples with me,” I suggested. Erika gave me the look that says “Yes, but I know I should do 1000 other things.” I headed for the farm before she could talk herself out of it. Our friend Sahar had arranged the trip and it was a gorgeous day for it.

As it turned out, it was a good call on both our parts. How else would I have gotten such delightful pictures of myself (sarcasm font)?

Okay, but it really was a good call because Purcellville is adorable and we ended up finding an amazing restaurant where we had lunch once we’d finished picking.

Apple picking is not at all as whimsical at it looks in pictures you see on other blogs. There are no ladders for you to scale while looking adorable, and at this point the trees are all but done holding onto the apples. We spent most of our time squatting under the trees to collect the good apples that had just fallen that morning – it was a windy day.

And as an added bonus, the ground apples were half price.

[blackbirdpie url=”!/TheKateSullivan/status/125243918223806465″]

(Not being smug:)

It was funny to watch the other apple-pickers talk about how sad they were that all the apples were gone and hear the parents telling their kids not to pick the apples up off the ground. Of course some of them were rotting but there were plenty of good ones to be had and since you’re going to wash whatever you bring home before you eat it – what’s the harm? We ended up with close to 30 pounds of apples that way.

We ended up with some other goodies too:

No idea when we’ll get around to carving those, but I did spend my Sunday afternoon working on this guy:

I hope it turned out as delicious as it looks – I saved it for my boss since today is “Boss’s Day.” It’s good to know me on holidays.

My other victory from Sunday was this beast:

Oh look! My onion and zucchini from the market are just behind the chicken. Hey guys! Hah. Anyway, I served this thing with stuffing/dressing (which I didn’t eat – along with Dad’s gravy (sigh)) and “oven fried” zucchini. This time I used panko bread crumbs which I just love and we didn’t have sauce but that was okay.

How was your weekend? What’s your favorite apple-based treat?