And Then There was Progress

November 14, 2011

Yes, I could see the scale moving and I could see a little muscle tone in some places that used to be all mush. But then I would look in the mirror and wonder if I was just willing myself to see my body differently.

It might not surprise any of you to know that in the past I’ve never had a healthy, objective view of my body. Which is just kind of exhausting, really, especially when I look back and realize how skewed my vision of myself was (dysmorphia, I think it’s called). But I wanted to have something solid to look at this time around and I’m SO excited because this definitely worked.

And I’m not actually going to print these out and hang them up all over my fridge and office and bathroom walls but it’s SO tempting cause I know it would keep me focused.

But I know you don’t want to read, you just want to look at the pictures, so go to it!

Front View NovFront Arms Up Nov

Can I just say that I’m not sure you’re ready for the next two? Cause they’re kind of crazy.

Side View NovBack View Nov

Lessons learned: Resist the urge to wear your high school mascot shorts because you will get excited enough to post these pictures on the internet and then you’ll have no choice but to post a picture of your ass with cougar paw prints all up ons. Go team? The funny thing is that I still have the shorts at all cause I was definitely not winning any school spirit awards back in the day. Oh well. I promise to refrain from using my butt as a billboard ever again.

I also wish my very first set of pictures had been full body pictures instead of cutting myself off at the knees but that’s okay. My September and November pictures are full body shots so I have those for my future updates.

So. There you have it – not quite 3 months worth of work done (I didn’t join the gym until a couple weeks after the first pictures were taken) and about 5 more months of TWLC ahead of me. I know after seeing these pictures I’m SO excited to keep working and keep watching my progress. I already feel like a whole new person so I know everything I’ve been doing is totally worth it.