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I am exhausted today because last night I saw Breaking Dawn. My inner 12-year old is annoyed to have to wait for next movie to see the end, but that’s all I’m going to say about it for now. Nothing even remotely spoiler-esque or opinionated from me.

I will say that all of yesterday I kept thinking I was going to see Harry Potter and having to remind myself that I am not going to see anymore Harry Potter movies. Unless they re-do them when we’re older – and you just never know.

So what does a girl do while she’s waiting up to see a new movie? Work on an old craft project of course. I started this quilt almost a year ago (last January/February I think) and I’m just now starting to sew the pieces together. All of my little triangles are together like this and so the next step is ironing all the seams flat so I can put the squares together.


I have started pinning new quilt patterns on Pinterest to tackle when I finish this one because (1) I can and (2)I’m SO excited about this hobby again and I want to make quilts for everyone all the time. Not really at all, actually, that’s just a lie.

I loved this list of things you never knew had names. I’m sure you’ll already know at least few of those, but I personally learned some new things. Semantic satiation was my favorite, but I wonder if that applies to when you’ve written the same word so many times you’re not sure it’s spelled right anymore?

This series of photographs of the contents of suitcases left by patients at Willard Asylum is both awesome and a little eerie (via Viva Genesis). If you’re into history you may appreciate those.

If you want more lists, this list of body-image related articles from The Illusionists was great. Among other things, find out which models want crooked teeth (and why) and the nasty truth about the Freshman 15.

The stages of embarassment are kind of the same as what my father once told me about being hungover: “And then you realize you’re not going to die and you don’t even have that to look forward to.”

Tomorrow I’m going to the last wedding I will attend this year and I get to wear The Dress again. Which means you can expect another before and after post with pictures because first of all, I’m kind of obsessed with taking comparison pictures now and second – that was the point of buying the dress to begin with. I wore The Dress to my cousin’s wedding in October and tomorrow I will wear it again. I’m really excited.

Finally, I present you with this video of my dog. Talk about being in the right place at the right time:

Gosh I love that dog. Also, consider his reputation as an evil villain shattered.

Big plans for this weekend? Anyone? Is anyone lucky enough to have all of next week off?

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3 thoughts on “Stuff From All Over

  1. Courtney

    OK – I definitely watched that video at least three times. Hilarious. “POW!”

    I’m working on my first quilt now! It’s for my nephew for Christmas. I found a pattern on Pinterest I liked, then tweaked it a bit. Speaking of Christmas, I really need to get it finished!

    By the way – that dress? You look phenomenal in it!!!
    Courtney recently posted..Fat Bottomed Girls (& Boots!) Make The Rockin’ Go RoundMy Profile


    1. Kate

      Thank you, Courtney! I tried to show the video to Latte this morning and he wouldn’t pay attention. So sad. I keep watching to though!


  2. Sarah S.

    There better be new dress pictures when you get back! The video won’t load for me. =( Great links this week, though!


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