Baking Happiness – Guinness Bottle Birthday Cake

If you wanna feel like a kitchen goddess, make a cake in the shape of a beer bottle.


I think you all know Russ (aka Bruce Wayne). He’s married to my best friend, which does not make him my best friend byproxy, it just makes him annoyed at me. Not really, but he does keep asking me when I’m going to get married so I think he’s in the market for a best friend. So if you’re an attractive single guy and you want a best friend, Russ is looking. You’ll get a free wife in the process (and I’m a catch, so it’s a win-win).

Anyway, for Russ’s 30th birthday, Kathy threw him a beer-tasting party. Since I’m not a drinking girl, I brought a different kind of beer to taste.

 I used this cake recipe (doubled) and skipped the coffee in the ganache in favor of some Bailey’s (I may have adjusted the amount of cream too but I’m not sure on that anymore…sorry, I know, crucial details) . I made 3 6-inch layers of cake and the rest were giant cupcakes (I used 1.5 cupcakes, the rest I frosted and left at home with my parents):


Cut the layers in half like so:


I stacked the half cupcakes at the top to make the neck, and then used a really sharp knife to carve the curve where the neck joins the bottle. Then I took chocolate frosting (From a can, quel horreur!) that I’d added a shot of bailey’s to and used that as a crumb coat.

Most of the people in my life are not big on frosting so I tried to use very little. I didn’t put any between the layers you see above for that very reason.


Then I put the whole thing in the freezer to set for a little while. I honestly don’t remember how long, but it was at least an hour. The frosting should be stiff to the touch but not rock solid. Enough that you can smoothe the lines you see above without getting your knife sticky.

Then I made and poured the ganache:


Do not be like me. Prep your cake with parchment underneath so you can have an easy cleanup. Instead, I was scooping and mopping ganache for ages.

If you’re not as much of a drama queen as me, your ganache will retain that delightful shine to it, thus resulting in a beautiful glass-like finish. I was causing all kinds of trouble when I tried to make my label so I didn’t get to keep my shiny ganache.

I used plain old buttercream for the label with a dusting of gold powder for color. Then I took that chocolate frosting and piped on the lettering:


It’s smudgy, but awesome.

The story of how, despite maintaining my sobriety, I still ended up being the crying girl at the party at 3am is another story  for another post (which if you don’t already know by now means you will not be hearing it from me).

Find out more information about my Baking Happiness Project here.  You can also enter to win a box of baked goods from me if you just share your least favorite thing about the holidays!

Are you a big fan of kitchen experiments? What have you ever baked or cooked that you’re most proud of?

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  1. Sarah S.

    Wow, this is quite impressive! The crying sober girl though? That makes me sad.
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