April in Instagrams

If you were ever wondering what it’s like to be me, here’s a glimpse into my world (at least according to Instagram)

(edited to add: that is not my ultrasound pictured above. That’s my sweet little niece who will join us at the end of this month or possibly early next month. I will hopefully be blessed with plenty of my own ultrasound pictures in the distantly near future but trust me – I won’t be cool enough to casually drop it into a collage of other pictures and hope someone calls me out. I’ll be that annoying girl you all hate who shows off pictures of her peed on test sticks. No, I won’t – but I will probably do other annoying things)

You can follow me on Instagram if you’d like, and/or head on over to Ashlyn’s blog Let it Be Beautiful to join in for today’s Instagram blog hop and gain a few more followers for your own instagram account.

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6 thoughts on “April in Instagrams

  1. Sable@SquatLikeALady says:

    LOL I’m glad you threw that PS in there – I was like, DID I MISS SOMETHING??!?! hahah

    • Kate says:

      I never dreamed anyone would think that because it’s so obvious in my mind but clearly not everyone is as obsessed with my niece as me!! I’m glad people care enough to pay attention though :)

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