Recipes and a White Girl Problem

This morning was supposed to be a big morning for me.

I’m in the process of decorating my little “apartment” – it may take me forever, but I think I’ll get it done eventually. Or I’ll move and start over. Whatever.

Anyway, I picked out a color scheme and got to work. A few months ago I found this chair:

I didn’t buy it because I wasn’t sure I wanted more furniture but I filed it away. Then I decided I did want to get another chair, only I wasn’t sure this was “THE CHAIR.”

I was worried that I might get tired of the teal at some point and of course, furniture is not usually an impulse kind of purchase – it typically takes more money than I’m comfortable just spending all willy-nilly like. So I did what any girl like me would do.

I pinned it.

Within minutes I had feedback from three people – one of whom was my friend Amanda. She has her Pinterest account set up to post to Facebook and soon enough HER friends weighed in on the chair too. The consensus was unanimous:

Buy the chair.

Only I dragged my feet because I was still a little nervous but I finally decided that I want the chair, I have the money, it will look awesome in my room, and it will be reasonably easy to recover when/if I get tired of the teal. Besides, how fun would it be to say that I crowdsourced my living room design?

So I got on the website today to buy the chair and wouldn’t you know? It’s out of stock.

What do you think friends – is this a sign that it’s not meant to be? I signed up to be notified by email if they restock, but…maybe I should take this to mean I should keep looking. Or save the money for something else?

This is why I laugh and totally agree when I see “white girl problems” under the popular search terms people use to find my blog.

Anyway, let’s talk about recipes.

I get 99% of my recipes from the internet. But I don’t love following blogs that are only full of recipes. That’s part of why I stopped posting recipes as posts. The other part is that if I don’t own the recipe, all I can do is show my own pictures of the food and link you to someone else’s blog. Which, in my mind, is better done on Pinterest.  But I do want to share my personal recipes and that’s why I added my recipe page.

Eventually I’ll get all of my old family recipes posted there too so they’re not lost to yellowing index cards and fading ink.

But, so, here are some yummy things I’ve made lately.

Warmer weather means I have every desire to start grilling again. I think I could grill everything. Yes, even pizza.


Just so you have a little more proof that this is actually on the grill:


Yum. I can’t tell you how delicious that pizza was – or how overloaded with goodies: peppers, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, goat cheese, mozzarella, chicken, and avocado.

But the secret to any good pizza is a good crust. For this pizza I made a Garlic & Rosemary crust that was to die for.

Next up? Quinoa burgers.


You may think of them as “fritters” cause there’s no meat involved and I see no reason to eat one on a bun – but they’re perfect on a bed of spinach!

Finally, and I don’t have a recipe for this one because it defies such a thing:


Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese. I think you know what to do, right?

What’s your favorite thing you’ve eaten lately?  Would you take the chair situation as sign that it’s not meant to be?

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6 thoughts on “Recipes and a White Girl Problem

  1. Katie

    It’s been so long since I’ve had access to good ingredients, Kate. All my of ‘good meals’ are nothing impressive. All three of your photos above look fabulous though! Can I just come to dinner at your house?
    Katie recently posted..Favorite Childhood BooksMy Profile


    1. Kate

      Absolutely! Come on over anytime you’d like 🙂


  2. Clare

    Haha, I like your white girl problem! That’s totally the sort of thing I like to get myself worked up about. I love the chair, but I think you’re right, it’s a sign that it’s not meant to be. You can find something else fun with a pretty pattern 🙂

    Oh my and that food! Avocado on a pizza??? Why have I never done that?!? Seriously, once avocados are back in season here, that is happening. Quinoa burgers – totally need to try those, too. Thanks for making me drool!
    Clare recently posted..Flaunting my CausesMy Profile


  3. Amy, At the Pink of Perfection

    Drooooooling…thanks. ;). I’m not an avocado fan, but I’ll eat everything else in sight. It’s 1:06am and I’m starving!
    Amy, At the Pink of Perfection recently posted..Blogging Requires An Effort!My Profile


    1. Kate

      I’ll admit the avocados did not keep well. They’re more of an “eat ’em fresh” kind of food. Oh well!


  4. Sarah S.

    I actually do have a buffalo chicken grilled cheese recipe pinned. I can’t eat it until the baby weans, though. Babies hate all things delicious.


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