Stuff From all Over – Again

Can I just say I’m happy I lived through this week? Because I am. And it’s not even over yet. Still, I have many things to be thankful for.

1.New Glasses!

I’ve been wearing 3 different pairs of glasses for the past few years and none of them were right. I finally said “enough” and bought myself some frames that actually fit my face and have the correct prescription in them. They’re comfortable enough that I can see myself wearing them all the time, not just when I can’t possibly stand my contacts another minute.

2. Finding new bands to love. I think we can all agree that it’s always fun to find new music to listen to, even if it’s not “new” and is just new to us. Does music really expire? I know some styles are kind of laughable now but for the most part the really good stuff is always good.

3. Girl time. 

Everyone needs a night with just the girls from time to time. I had TWO girls’ nights this week and was super happy to catch up with the ladies and hear how everything is going. I also got some really solid advice/things to think about that are really still weighing on my heart and nothing is quite as valuable as that.

4. Backhanded Compliments. We all get them (at least I hope, maybe I’m just sensitive). This week someone said to me, “You got dressed today!” – wow. I knew I needed some work on my outfits but I didn’t realize things were quite that bad. But I’m going to focus on the fact that I made a marked improvement and let that help me make good choices going forward.

5. Percy and Perry.

These were a Valentine gift from my best friend and somehow I ended up with two. I’m keeping one at the office and one at home to brighten my day. And yes, I named them. Like a child.

I’m so looking forward to crawling in bed tonight and enjoying this weekend. I know I need it after this week!

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Valentine Nails and Funday Monday!

I know what you’re thinking.

Black nails for Valentine’s Day? Aren’t you a little old to be…that girl?

{Fingernails – Sally Hansen Black Platinum ; Thumbnail -Kiss Nail Art Polish in Black with Sally Hansen Angel Wings on top}

No, my friends, I am not. And please allow me to point out that I am not being a Scrooge-y McScroogerson since I have adorned my nails with little hearts in honor of the holiday.

Go on. Tell me that doesn’t count!

Then I’ll really show you my inner Scrooge.

In all seriousness, I’ve had a hard time talking myself out of making all kinds of valentine treats. It’s awfully early in the week so I foresee all my resolve slipping away the closer we get to the holiday. And the more and more delicious things I find on Pinterest…

I had a quiet weekend which was just what I needed. It involved a lot of napping and cleaning – and trying to explain to these two that they really weren’t helping as much as they thought they were:

To be fair, they did end up picking the lint and hair out of the broom so I can’t be too upset, right? Now if only they would get bored and clean my baseboards.

I feel like I also should point out that I managed to visit Sephora on Sunday night without buying anything. At one point I picked up a thing of blush but I made myself put it back. I’ve resolved to hit pan on a few things before I buy anything new. It’s good news for my bank account if nothing else.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and I’m looking forward to a good week ahead of us! Now if you’re a blogger don’t forget to join this week’s link up because I’m co-hosting and couldn’t be more excited. Rules are below! And if you’re not a blogger here’s a good way to find some more awesome blogs to follow.

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Friday Favorites

Oh my gosh, it’s FRIDAY!

I’m late with a lot of things today and only one of them is my lunch break, which also means this blog post.

Anyway. In addition to Friday being so amazing, here are some other great things from this week:

1. My Coworkers. Not everyone gets to work with people they really like and I thank my lucky stars at least once a week for giving me such awesome people on my team. They do things like order pizzas and just give them away. 


I skipped helping myself to this one but ended up having pizza for dinner that night so my “high and mighty” attitude left me quickly but I don’t even care.

2. People who respond to emails.  It seems so simple but it really does make a big difference. I’m always amazed when I reach out to someone and they get back to me. Probably because for the longest time I always assumed no one would want to hear from me and that was just silly.

3. Butternut Squash and Beer Mac and Cheese. Gretchen posted this recipe last week (courtesy of the author, Cassie) and I knew I’d have to try it. SO GLAD I did.

I skipped the panko breadcrumbs because my roomie didn’t want them (so I sprinkled some more gruyere on top halfway through baking) and had to use coconut almond milk and a lager beer because we don’t have anything else and it was still AMAZING.

4. Valentine Decorations. Usually I would never bother decorating for Valentine’s day because it’s not one of my favorites but this year I had to make some decorations for work so I went ahead and made this wreath for our apartment.

Added that sweet little heart garland Mama bought me a few years ago and voila! Done and done. If I ever were to get more inspired I might add this playing card garland to go with it because this wreath’s color combination just makes me think of playing cards and I know I have a few extra decks laying around.

5. My New Planner. I ordered myself an Erin Condren planner this year and I’m kind of in love. I didn’t think using a paper planner was going to be such a great thing but the more I use it the more I love it. There’s just something about writing things down instead of punching them into your phone that really works. I’m already day dreaming about which brand of planner I want for next year!

Here’s hoping you have an awesome weekend. See you Monday!

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Friday Favorites

Does this face say “I’m ready for the weekend?”

I think it says something more along the lines of “don’t let anyone catch me selfie-ing right now please.”  Also I don’t actually have a five-head, just really poor judgement when it comes to aiming my phone.

I am SO ready for the weekend. It’s been one heck of a morning so far and I cannot wait to spend time reading and crafting and generally doing nothing this weekend.

I’m fighting a losing battle with my lips this week. My roommate took pity on me and leant me her medicated Blistex chapstick and they’re still falling to pieces on me. The good news is they don’t hurt, they just look painful. I’m crossing my fingers that will all my moisturizing and water gulping this week that they’ll be in much better shape next week or the week after.

No, that’s not my “I got caught” face, no matter what it looks like. It’s also not my “did I leave the stove on?” face. I did not leave the stove on. I checked. Twice.

Anyway, here are some of the things I’m loving this week.

1. This hairspray:

I got this in my October Ipsy bag (my referral link) and just started using it recently. This stuff is amazing in my hair and holds like nothing else. It has a tragic old lady smell but it works for my hair better than a lot of other products. Fair warning it’s a texturizing spray so it  definitely gives your hair a stiff feeling but it’s not crispy/crunchy, just ready to take on the world. I also don’t notice any so called “shine” which is fine with me.

2. This Naked Palette.

I’m still in love with Naked3 but Naked2 was my first UD palette so it has a special place in my heart. I found this look on Pinterest and have worn it twice this week. The gold lids are my favorite part and I think this combination works year round.

3. This Mascara.

This was a total impulse buy and I’m still happy with it. It’s thick and likes to clump so it’s a high maintenance mascara but the results are so lovely I’m willing to work with it. I also bought it in brown though I almost never wear brown mascara.

4. These eyelashes.

I’m not wearing them in the pictures above because ain’t nobody got time to wrestle with falsies before work (at least this eyelash-applying amateur doesn’t) but I love them. I bought my first pair of them on Saturday and promptly lost one side down my drain. I died inside and wore mismatched lashes to dinner because I’d already put on one eye and they were perfect. So I ordered a new pair right away and can’t wait to wear them all weekend.

5. These two.

They’re due for a bath but I’m looking forward to a weekend of snuggling and kisses to make up for it afterward. Yes, I put them in matching hoodies and yes, I sometimes look at them and think “aw look at my tough little biker boys” and other times “oh you two are like creepy twins.”

And just like that my free time is done so I’m off again but I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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Life Lately

Nothing to report on the weight loss front this week – holding steady.

In other news, my fridge no longer looks like this:


Can you see that my crisper drawers are packed full of lettuce? Cause they were. But despite the rocky start last week I made enough room for today’s CSA delivery and I’m excited to see what I get!

This weekend was a certain someone’s first birthday – can’t believe she’s already a year old!


What you’re seeing in that picture is a water blob that Kathy made. If you’re wondering if you should make one, the answer is yes (search on Pinterest, there are 100 bloggers who’ve posted directions). It was a huge success and it’s super easy.

Maddie had a blast eating her first cupcake as you can tell from her adorable sticky fingers.


I love the look on her face!

Last week I vaguely mentioned the project I’d spent an entire season of Dexter working on. That was Maddie’s birthday present, of course! I know a quilt is not the most stimulating or exciting gift you can get a one year old but I bought all the supplies to make it before she was born so it was about time I finished it.


Don’t worry, I washed it after laying it out on the floor –  I had to make sure it could handle going through the washing machine and I might have held my breath the entire time but it did just fine.


Now I’m on the hunt for the perfect Maddie-size dress pattern so I can use up the leftover fabric. Now that I’ve made a quilt “the right way” and seen how well it turns out I spent the last week tearing up my t-shirt quilt so I can re-do it so it will look as nice as this one.

What exactly does a girl do while she’s ripping open 9 million seams? Obviously she watches the entire current season of Game of Thrones and then moves on to start re-watching Big Love. How could I have forgotten how much I adore Big Love??


In other news, my dogs are still adorable and hilarious together.


Mocha’s on the left in the green, Latte is on the right trying to climb over him. Gotta love it.

Hopefully I’ll have actual weight loss related things to report next week. Hope you’re all having a good week!