Random Thoughts

Catching Up

September 2, 2014

Well hey. It’s been a minute or two since I last had enough time to put together an actual blog post (gasp). Not that my weekly posts are fake but…they’re a one-sided portrayal of my life. Not that this blog will ever be an accurate depiction of my daily life but you know what I […]

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Latte Appreciation Post

August 5, 2014

It’s been a while since we last saw our hero – thought you all might want to know he’s being awesome as always. In this picture he’s gotten a hunk of Milkbone that’s way too big for him and refusing to give it up so we can break it into smaller pieces for him. Sigh. And […]


Playing Tourist

July 14, 2014

Oh, hey. That would be Mocha, so proud of the great spot he found to curl up. My calves were hanging off the bed so it was not particularly comfortable but he was not deterred. Sunday was a pretty lazy day for me since I spent a good amount of Saturday sightseeing with my cousins who […]


Listen, I’m not going to pretend I think Monday is ever a good idea but lately I’ve realized it’s best to just get it over and done with. Putting it off until Tuesday just postpones the agony, right? While we’re on the topic of agony, I noticed “how to hold your pee for 24 hours” […]


It was another one of those weeks where all I wanted was to crawl in my bed and just stay there. Do we really have to weekend? But yes, yes we did. And after a delicious sushi dinner and early bedtime on Friday I slept in a bit on Saturday and then put these little […]


Life Lately

May 13, 2014

Well. My busiest time of year at work is finally coming to a close and pretty soon everything else will settle down too and I’ll be back to my normal schedule. I’ve had two posts sitting in my drafts folder here just waiting for me to get around to finishing them and an entire video […]


Good News, Bad News

April 7, 2014

Under my “top searches” this morning you’ll see this lovely gem: BRB, lol-ing for days. Dramatic much? But then again, who doesn’t feel like they’re being tested on Monday mornings? I have a hard time with them every week, and it’s not like it’s some big surprise that Monday is coming. You’d think by this […]