Pinterest in Real Life: The Pasta Party

I have memories of making homemade pasta as a child – my parents rolling and cutting and my brother and I sneaking as much dough as we possibly could handle. Somehow the dough always tasted more delicious to me than the cooked pasta.

I was excited to try my hand at pasta making now that I’m “all grown up” so I eagerly pinned a pasta recipe and the perfect side dish/appetizer to go with it. And of course I enlisted the help of my friends – cause who doesn’t love some pasta?

I made my zucchini from the farmer’s market into our appetizer/pasta making snack, and Kathy improvised a dip for us:

We ended up drying our pasta on the microwave rack (who uses that in real life?) propped up a few pieces from my parents’ wine collection:


No food prep is complete without some very serious taste-testing of ingredients.


The (incredibly sterile and sanitary) pasta process. It goes in boiling water, right?:


And due to Erika’s enthusiastic efforts, the crank ended up here (or nearby) no less than 9 times that night:


The anticipation was intense!


Russ’s Fiery¬†Mushroom Ravioli:¬†


Erika’s Basil Linguine:


And my whole wheat linguine with Mom’s marinara:


Even Latte got in on the pasta eating:


To save your homemade pasta, coil into nests and allow to dry. We waited way longer than we should have to do this but you should do this before the pasta starts to stiffen up:

Kathy treated us to chocolate cupcakes with melty snickers centers. Yum:


If your kitchen doesn’t look like this during the process, you’re not doing it right:

And because my mother was super generous to let us destroy her kitchen for this night, we made sure to clean it up before we fell into carb comas.

You can’t read the clocks in any of the pictures above, but it was LATE when we finally ate and even later when we finally went to bed. But it was definitely worth the wait!

Have you ever made homemade pasta? What’s your favorite kind of pasta?