Latte Appreciation Post

Like a dog with a bone

It’s been a while since we last saw our hero – thought you all might want to know he’s being awesome as always. In this picture he’s gotten a hunk of Milkbone that’s way too big for him and refusing to give it up so we can break it into smaller pieces for him. Sigh.

And because I can’t get enough of it, here’s a video of him I took a while ago trying to get at the scraps in the trash can:

I know I should have turned my phone but you never know how long something like this will go on. Apparently with Latte it will last quite a while. Never accuse him of being unmotivated!

Everything’s Going to the Dogs

Listen, I’m not going to pretend I think Monday is ever a good idea but lately I’ve realized it’s best to just get it over and done with. Putting it off until Tuesday just postpones the agony, right?

While we’re on the topic of agony, I noticed “how to hold your pee for 24 hours” has popped up in the search strings people used to find my blog. I’ve never wanted to do this or tried, so I cannot help that poor soul but if I were going to I might recommend something along these lines:
it's all fun and games until someone ends up in the shower

In this case, Jackson is the one holding and Mocha is the one asking me to stop the crazy. He asks me that a lot. Sometimes I comply.

This weekend I did not comply, however, because I’m visiting my father while Mom’s out of town which means we have 4 dogs in one house. You might think that’s not any different from having 3 dogs in one apartment but it is. My two dogs are even-tempered with little bouts of energy and personality quirks. As small dogs go, they’re not the yappy sort unless encouraged by other dogs. Jackson is the same way so the three of them together tend to be reasonably laid back and well-behaved (which is why Erika and I lose our minds when they act up because it’s so unusual).

My parents’ dogs are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Sorcha, the one you never hear about because she spends 98% of her life sleeping, is an extra special unique little snowflake. She’s 908 years old at this point and set in her yappy sort ways. I like to use terms like “neurotic headcase” and “batshit insane” to describe her which sends my mother into an incensed rage. I see you, Mom. Sorcha also has a heart murmur and emphysema (not really, but she does cough) and, having spent all her life turning her nose up at food, has recently realized she missed out on her prime eating years and wants to eat not just her special canned dog food but all the dry food she can choke down so if you’re done eating those French fries can you just pass them her way? Thanks. She’s also spent 80% of her life hating me and now thinks we’re bffs so I’m pretty sure dementia has set in.

And then there’s Phog, who, when Mocha decided he’d rather be a toy poodle than a miniature, seized all of Mocha’s leftover growing energy and ran with it. If I had to guess I’d say there are 16 pounds of Phog for every pound of Mocha. Some of that is fluff and charisma, not actual body weight, so factor that somehow – I don’t know, math is not my strong suit. At any rate, Phog also decided he wasn’t going to grow up so he bounces instead of walking which sounds adorable until you witness 160 pounds of full grown poodle bouncing off the walls. That is until visitors come over or it thunders outside and he has to hide under the table because omg teh danger is real. It’s a good thing, really, because how else would he remember where he’s hidden all his bully sticks?

Add my two dogs to that mix and they fall apart. Latte, who is calmly in control at our apartment, is clearly out of his depth at my parents house and spends the whole time trying to eat his feelings about that. When he’s not face down in a food bowl he’s trying to keep Mocha and Phog from even thinking about having any fun at all, really. Latte hates fun. Which means he spends a lot of time eating because Mocha and Phog spend a lot of time playing.

Mocha, who normally plays next to Jackson instead of with him because he’s just oh-so-delicate and shy, goes headlong into all out full contact play mode with Phog. He brings all his fury to everything he does from defending my lap against any other dogs who might think they can have my attention, to eating dinner (Latte can share his bowl, Phog may not), to kissing Sorcha even though she complains the whole time, to yes, actually playing with Phog. It’s hilarious. Until they decide you need to be involved and start jumping on your lap and/or hitting you with toys to get your attention so you’ll throw them. Or when you’re trying to watch a very poignant story about Erik Compton and his heart transplants (what? It was Father’s Day and there aren’t many things that say Dad like watching the US Open) and all you can hear is the sound of poodles growling. For the uninitiated, try to imagine a monkey and a pig having a conversation and you have the sounds of my life right now.

So that’s what the beginning of my week looks like. Hope yours is as joyful if not a little quieter.


Stuff From All Over

Happy Friday!

Today I’ll begin with a series of pictures that made my morning. These dogs are pure awesomeness. I just wanted them to sit together for a picture and they WILL NOT do it. Oh well.

And now in my bid for puppy parent of the year, I’m going to admit that Mocha is going through an awkward growing phase right now and Latte just might be cuter. At least this week. Next week is a haircut week so all bets are off.

This glare makes it look like he heard what I just said:






Oh, they light up my life. I adore them and I’m so glad to be home with them after being away for almost a full week.

This week my July Birchbox came and I am really, really happy with it.

Finally a product in a color that works for me! My first month they gave me blue glitter eyeliner, last month was that awful lip/cheek stain (which actually worked on my cheeks, but who wants to use gel coloring?) The lipgloss is a perfect neutral for me and has a great shine.

I haven’t tried most of the other products yet but I popped the blotting linens and mints into my purse immediately. It’s the perfect time of year for those blotters, right? This may be the first month where I will be using everything I got, even the headphones.

I did try the perfume this morning and I’m a little worried I smell like an old hippie because of the patchouli and rose combo – it’s almost an old lady scent but the patchouli reminds me of a head shop.


I’m also not sold on the French used here. Granted, I’ve been out of grammar class for years, but in my mind “Vengeance Extreme,” feels as awkward in French as it sounds in English and I think it’s because of the BAGS rule (but please correct me if you know the answer!). In French, modifiers generally come AFTER the noun – so you’re eating beans green instead of green beans. But this doesn’t apply when it comes to Beauty, Age, Size, or Goodness  (you’ll always be a pretty girl in France, never a girl pretty. Unless you’re not a pretty girl, cause translating don’t fix ugly). So wouldn’t your extreme (size?) vengeance still be just that? And, sure, they could just be making stuff up cause they think it sounds cool but if that’s the case isn’t it still an awkward choice?

Something to think about.

Before my trip last week I finally dug around my office and cleared out my shoe collection. It literally filled a giant-sized shopping bag.


I haven’t had the strength to put them away at home or even count them yet. I’m pretty sure this means I have a problem.

Anyway, here are the links I collected this week.

So you say you don’t cook. I wanted to jump up and down while I was reading this and the reason I love it can be summarized neatly in one little quote: “The decision not to do something that is so essential to one’s existence seems perverse to me.”  Go ahead, throw your excuses at me. You’re “too tired” or maybe you “literally do not have time” to put together a meal because you have 1001 obligations after work that will take up all your time. Whatever it is, I have to ask you – how can you let your life be so overwhelming and busy that you don’t have time to do something so basic and essential as taking care of yourself? You have to eat – your life depends on it. Your health, happiness, financial stability, and those of your family and loved ones, also depend on what you eat – not because I think you need to the be one cooking for your husband+kids but because they are impacted by your health whether you like it or not. If mama ain’t happy, right? I’m not even going to claim I am in the kitchen making every single one of my meals cause I’m a champion of excuses too – but this post definitely helped me see that choice in a different way. My decision to take shortcuts in the kitchen is cheating me of having the life I deserve. Don’t let it cheat you too.

I am very big on clean lines and less clutter (in theory, in practice it’s not as easy as all that) but seeing these pyrex collections made me seriously consider starting my own collection. Just for a second (just to see how it feels).

If you have never done a vlog before, I have to ask you what you’re doing with your life. I am of the opinion that everyone needs to do it at least once. It’s an awesome way to connect with your readers on a different level. Let’s face it, blog readers are sort of voyeurs. And while I never believe anyone is obligated to let everyone into their lives on every level, I do think it’s helpful to give your readers another peek into your world. Hearing and seeing someone talk is TOTALLY different from reading their words. And with that in mind I have the perfect opportunity for you brought to you by those same bloggers who demanded to know what was in our closets

Hope Squared

Join in and share what’s on your bucket list! Or tell us why you don’t have a bucket list! Or tell us we’re stupid for vlogging! We’ll love it! Just do it!

One thing I love about the Olympic season are the many inspiring stories that come out. We don’t always get to hear the hard ones from the people who don’t make it. For all the people we see winning and overcoming great odds, can you imagine how many more worked their hardest, fought with all they had, battled the impossible…and still didn’t get there? It gives me chills – and makes me wonder if the definition of winning should maybe not include a gold medal but instead that personal understanding that you’ve given everything you can.

Finally, I have to admit that I cannot get enough of this song this week. The video is pretty over the top so maybe don’t watch that and just listen to the song:

If this band had been around when I was 16 you’d better believe I would have been completely and irrationally obsessed. My inner teenage girl is dying over them as it is (also if you knew me at 16 you might be dying over the roses in the video if you remember my room in high school). Oh gosh. If my recent blog posts are any indication I must be going through a second adolescence or something.

But as always, I hope you have a fabulous weekend and I can’t wait to spend mine catching up on all your blogs and doing some much needed relaxing!

Sick Day

In addition to bringing home two sweet puppies this weekend I seem to have acquired a nasty cold. I’m taking today off to lounge around (aka nap profusely and watch Game of Thrones) and hopefully start feeling better. I have a list of post ideas almost as tall as myself to write and I hope I’ll be in the mood to work on some of them later on.

In the meantime, please enjoy some more pictures:





How was your weekend? What’s your favorite way to spend a sick day?


He’s here, he’s here!



And he brought a friend!





Meet the two newest members of the Sullivan family!!

I knew if I got another dog while I had Latte I would have to give him another coffee-themed name. It just made the most sense! So as soon as we found out there were puppies available from the woman we got Latte from I started brainstorming. The other options just didn’t seem to fit as nicely as Mocha did, and so it stuck. I figured I would call him “White Mocha” or something like that in his “official” AKC name, but based on his coloring I’m wondering if he doesn’t look more like a “Caramel Mocha.”

And then there’s his brother:

When we discovered not only could we have another puppy but they would be from the same parents as Latte, my father decided he wanted one of his own – he’s been missing Hamilton a lot. I didn’t say anything to very many people until we got home with both pups because part of me thought (hoped?) we might not actually be that crazy. But we are, and now we have two little ones rolling around!

Phog is named after Phog Allen, a coach from the University of Kansas. So if you ever doubted my father’s level of dedication to the Jayhawks, you should now realize he’s pretty hardcore.

Don’t worry, I won’t expect you to keep them straight. I barely can so far, but I made sure to snap Mocha’s bright blue collar on him as soon as I could so there wouldn’t be any mixups. Though Phog is clearly bigger than Mocha at this point – almost a whole pound bigger!

How is the rest of the family adjusting? Well Latte was pretty sure Christmas had come early for him!



Kathy is trying to figure out how to tell Russ they’re moving in with our family:




Mocha loves his big brother…but he could barely keep his eyes open after we got home last night:


Sorcha, however, is going to need a little more time…


And Phog reminds me so much of Latte when he was little, it’s amazing. We put him up on Dad’s lap and he cried for Latte to come and play with him some more:



But he was pretty worn out too:


We’ve made it through our first night with no incidents. They did sleep 6 hours which was not what I expected so I’m happy!

I’m also happy that they’re still in the stage where a well-directed snap is effective discipline:


Yeah, they’re going to do a LOT more of that!


And I’m starting to think Latte isn’t sure what he’s gotten himself into having two puppies around:



And I know he’s right about that – but we’ll figure it all out!