Good News, Bad News

Under my “top searches” this morning you’ll see this lovely gem:


BRB, lol-ing for days. Dramatic much? But then again, who doesn’t feel like they’re being tested on Monday mornings? I have a hard time with them every week, and it’s not like it’s some big surprise that Monday is coming. You’d think by this point in my adult life I would get over it.

The bad news: This weekend my iPhone was lost at sea. It would be a much better story if my phone really did get lost in the ocean but alas, no. Instead of securing it neatly in the designated cell phone pocket of my purse I just tossed it in there. Since my purse is full of stuff that meant it was sitting right on top of everything and took a flying leap into the toilet when I put my bag over my shoulder and went to leave the stall. Despite packing it in rice as quickly as I could, the phone did not make it.


In loving memory. In lieu of flowers, please dedicate your workouts to my phone’s memory. And please send me your resulting calorie expenditure. I’ll also accept sephora gift cards, if that’s all you can contribute. And the details on my sparkly iPhone case are here.

The good news: I just transferred all my pictures to my computer last week and have my contacts backed up in the cloud. And since I’m eligible to upgrade no real losses were suffered. I sure wasn’t planning to buy a new phone this month but this is a really good outcome for an unfortunate situation.

The bad news: This morning I woke up with a really painful sore throat. Yes, this is approximately the 10,000th time I’ve been sick this year. Yes, I did spend the vast majority of my weekend lying around doing very little. Yes, I have been sleeping like a normal human recently. So no, I have NO EFFING IDEA why I am sick AGAIN.

Ahem. Have you met my BFF, OJ?

The good news: My tonsils are not red or swollen or spotty which means this is probably not a big deal. I’m hopeful it’s just allergy related. Even if it’s a severe allergy thing that’s a million times better than being actually sick again.

The good news: This weekend I made the most perfect chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made in my life. I’m sure you know what cookies look like but if we’re not already friends on Instagram go over and follow me while you admire the picture I posted there. They weren’t exactly perfect because I only had unsalted butter (yes, it matters) but they were very close. When I’ve had a chance to test my new tricks at least once more I’ll definitely share my tips! Now if I only I knew some people who’d be willing to taste my experiments…

The good news: I started watching Breaking Bad last week and I’m already halfway through (shh, yes that’s good news, I’m letting my body rest!). I hope this means I’ve made it past the hard parts (I’ve had a lot of people tell me they struggled in the middle). The last two episodes I watched were really good so it’s been very entertaining if nothing else.

The good news: I did some crafts this weekend. After a long hiatus I actually got inspired to pull out some of the projects I’ve been in the middle of for a while. One of them looks a bit like this:

I’ve had a few of the yarn balls from Maureen’s shower hanging out in my apartment all lonely-like for almost a year now (since I tossed the ones that didn’t match my color scheme, I mean. Side note: these things are wickedly satisfying to crush). Yesterday I finally made the companions so they wouldn’t look quite so out of place.

The potential bad news: I left the yarn balls to dry on my balcony. It’s now raining. There’s still a chance I can save them so my fingers are crossed! Maybe it won’t rain too hard?

Overall, I think I like the way this list added up. And hey, who really complains about getting a new phone? I’m treating myself to another iPhone so it’s not like I have any reason to be upset. Let’s just hope this sore throat turns out to be nothing and I’ll be a very happy kid.

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How was your weekend?

Friday Favorites

I’m always happy when Friday rolls around. This week was an improvement over the past two so I’m not going overboard with my celebrating but it’s not like I would ever be disappointed about having a weekend!

Last night I deluded myself into thinking I would get up for 6am spin class at my gym. Oh, Kate. Probably shouldn’t have stayed up watching YouTube videos if I really wanted to make that plan a successful one.

Anyway, here are some of the things I’m loving this week:

1. Sumita Beauty Kala Color Intense Pencil

This was the one thing from my Glossybox this month that I was instantly in love with. It’s the first eyeliner pencil I’ve ever been able to get ultra fine lines with and I was stunned to realize I could still do that easily even when it wasn’t very sharp. This eyeliner is super creamy and I can actually see myself buying a new one when I run out.

2. A hint of spring.

I’ve been doing pretty well with my resolution to keep fresh cut flowers in the house. It’s just so nice. This week my roommate found these tulips at Costco and I thought she was nuts. They’re the kind that sit in a hurricane vase and you can see the bulbs. They were just leaves on Saturday when she brought them home but today they’re gorgeous deep red blooms. It’s not happy outside but it definitely is inside!

3. Being reminded of how loved I am.
I’ve been leaning on my friends a lot this week whether it’s for random “how can I best word this email?” advice to “I can’t keep doing this, help,” conversations. Don’t take that wrong and worry – I’ve already mentioned everything major that’s happening on this blog this week so I’m not hiding any deep dark secrets – and there were still plenty of “I have to send you a picture of this thing that’s happening because you wouldn’t believe it otherwise” type texts. But it was a good week for remembering that I have a lot of people out there who are always there for me and willing to listen and lift me up no matter what randomness I throw their way.

4. Naturel Promise Fresh Dental Clean Teeth Gel (AKA Blue Stuff).

If you’re a dog owner, you probably need this in your life. Latte has refused his entire life to let me put a toothbrush of any kind in or around his mouth. Consequently, his teeth are mighty ugly. It’s going to cost me almost $500 to have the vet clean his teeth and, since I don’t have intentions of letting him suffer through losing his teeth to rot, at some point I’m going to have to suck it up and have that done. But in the meantime, this stuff has worked miracles. I’ve seen an amazing improvement on both Latte and Jackson’s teeth in the month we’ve been using it (Mocha’s too young to have much in the way of plaque/buildup so it’s just preventative for him). It takes less time than brushing and the dogs don’t fight it anywhere near as bad as Latte fights having his teeth brushed which means it’s much easier to do and leads to greater consistency on my part. Mocha actually loves it though I get the feeling he’d prefer I just squirt it on his tongue instead of applying it to his teeth.

Since I loved it so much I actually consulted a vet to make sure it was okay because it would be just my luck to stumble on something that worked so well only to find it was a bunch of nonsense or not good for the dogs. Thankfully I got an all clear to keep using it. At about $9 a bottle it’s lasted us a while even using it on 3 (albeit small) dogs.

5. John Frieda Frizz Ease® 3-Day Straight™ Flat Iron Spray
This was another one of the goodies I got for free from Influenster for testing purposes. I’ve gotten my hair straightening technique down to a science at this point and wasn’t sure this stuff would meet my expectations at all. But I gave it a try because that’s what we do.

From still damp, to blow-dried, to flat ironed. Not bad. But would it really make it 3 days?

Huh. What do you know? 3 days, no touch ups. And that includes one of our snow days where I did, in fact, get snow in my hair which you’d think would make it at least frizzy or even a little wavy. Nope.

Not too bad for 3rd day hair, right? My only complaint was that my hair lost all volume by the end of day 2 and since I was reviewing this product I didn’t want to put anything additional in my hair to help with that or mess with it any for fear of ruining the “experiment” (what can I say? I’ve been working too closely with our researchers at work). I’m used to going 3 days without washing my hair but usually I still have a decent amount of volume so that wasn’t cool. I’ll definitely keep using it and I do recommend giving it a try because, hi, no touch ups is always nice and it’s not like it’s hard to give my hair that extra boost so it doesn’t lay super flat.

So those were my favorite things from this week. I’m looking forward to doing a bit of shopping this weekend and possibly catching up on my some craft projects I started and haven’t yet finished. I have some TV shows to catch up on so I can see how crafts would go well with that. We’ll see!

Whatever you’re up to this weekend I hope you have a good one.

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Stuff From All Over

I’ve spent most of this week completely confused about which day it is. I’m 100% sure today is Friday though and just like all of you I’m so glad. Would we ever complain about having a weekend? I can’t imagine that.

Anyway, it’s time for a round up of all the little things I don’t feel like devoting an entire blog post to. This is my 46th “Stuff from all Over” post of all time. Not that anyone’s counting.

1. Monochromatic eyes.

I’ve gotten so used to blending all kinds of colors when I do my eyes that I’d forgotten how nice a solid color can be. Granted I used 3 or 4 different colors to achieve this look which is why it looks okay and not like I’ve escaped from Halloween but you know what I mean. Sometimes keeping it simple really is the best thing.

2. DIY, all-natural products

I’ve seen so many posts and pins about homemade sugar scrubs and for the most part just figured I would give them a pass. And then I saw this cute little jar at Target and decided, you know, I’ll just go for it. If nothing else I can blog my shame, right? I love making you all laugh, even if it’s at my own expense.

So one day I was bored and decided to give this brown sugar and coffee scrub a try – brown sugar, coffee, coconut oil, olive oil, and a little vanilla. I mixed it up and still wasn’t sure so I used it on my hands. At first it was exactly what I feared in that it was super oily and I thought my hands would stay like an oil slick forever. But not 5 minutes later the oil had absorbed and they were amazingly soft. Success!

Yes, it looks like mud. Yes, I tasted it because it smelled delicious. I’ll definitely keep using it on my hands and feet – still haven’t braved putting it on my face for the obvious reasons but it’s a perfect lip scrub!

3. I don’t have a mascara problem.

I’ve always thought of myself as a mascara hoarder. Then I lined them all up to take a picture and realized I don’t actually have that many. Of course, I’m comparing myself to the other self-diagnosed mascara hoarders out there so if you’re thinking, “but Kate, I only own one mascara” then I probably seem like an extremist.

And yes, before you have to ask, I do use all of these.

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I just have a few things planned which is my favorite way to take on a weekend because it usually means lots of relaxing which we can never have too much of, right?

Stuff From all Over – Again

Can I just say I’m happy I lived through this week? Because I am. And it’s not even over yet. Still, I have many things to be thankful for.

1.New Glasses!

I’ve been wearing 3 different pairs of glasses for the past few years and none of them were right. I finally said “enough” and bought myself some frames that actually fit my face and have the correct prescription in them. They’re comfortable enough that I can see myself wearing them all the time, not just when I can’t possibly stand my contacts another minute.

2. Finding new bands to love. I think we can all agree that it’s always fun to find new music to listen to, even if it’s not “new” and is just new to us. Does music really expire? I know some styles are kind of laughable now but for the most part the really good stuff is always good.

3. Girl time. 

Everyone needs a night with just the girls from time to time. I had TWO girls’ nights this week and was super happy to catch up with the ladies and hear how everything is going. I also got some really solid advice/things to think about that are really still weighing on my heart and nothing is quite as valuable as that.

4. Backhanded Compliments. We all get them (at least I hope, maybe I’m just sensitive). This week someone said to me, “You got dressed today!” – wow. I knew I needed some work on my outfits but I didn’t realize things were quite that bad. But I’m going to focus on the fact that I made a marked improvement and let that help me make good choices going forward.

5. Percy and Perry.

These were a Valentine gift from my best friend and somehow I ended up with two. I’m keeping one at the office and one at home to brighten my day. And yes, I named them. Like a child.

I’m so looking forward to crawling in bed tonight and enjoying this weekend. I know I need it after this week!

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Friday Favorites

Oh my gosh, it’s FRIDAY!

I’m late with a lot of things today and only one of them is my lunch break, which also means this blog post.

Anyway. In addition to Friday being so amazing, here are some other great things from this week:

1. My Coworkers. Not everyone gets to work with people they really like and I thank my lucky stars at least once a week for giving me such awesome people on my team. They do things like order pizzas and just give them away. 


I skipped helping myself to this one but ended up having pizza for dinner that night so my “high and mighty” attitude left me quickly but I don’t even care.

2. People who respond to emails.  It seems so simple but it really does make a big difference. I’m always amazed when I reach out to someone and they get back to me. Probably because for the longest time I always assumed no one would want to hear from me and that was just silly.

3. Butternut Squash and Beer Mac and Cheese. Gretchen posted this recipe last week (courtesy of the author, Cassie) and I knew I’d have to try it. SO GLAD I did.

I skipped the panko breadcrumbs because my roomie didn’t want them (so I sprinkled some more gruyere on top halfway through baking) and had to use coconut almond milk and a lager beer because we don’t have anything else and it was still AMAZING.

4. Valentine Decorations. Usually I would never bother decorating for Valentine’s day because it’s not one of my favorites but this year I had to make some decorations for work so I went ahead and made this wreath for our apartment.

Added that sweet little heart garland Mama bought me a few years ago and voila! Done and done. If I ever were to get more inspired I might add this playing card garland to go with it because this wreath’s color combination just makes me think of playing cards and I know I have a few extra decks laying around.

5. My New Planner. I ordered myself an Erin Condren planner this year and I’m kind of in love. I didn’t think using a paper planner was going to be such a great thing but the more I use it the more I love it. There’s just something about writing things down instead of punching them into your phone that really works. I’m already day dreaming about which brand of planner I want for next year!

Here’s hoping you have an awesome weekend. See you Monday!

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